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The schedule also provides a transparent overview of future MHC purchase times and allows non-governmental organizations to plan ahead for the acquisition of their respective programming services, plan tenders for other services, or cooperate with other service providers for contract planning for new services. A complementary service agreement called the Notional Local Health Network Service Agreement includes specific Commonwealth activities and the financing of contracts with third parties (e.g. B non-governmental organizations) that offer health-related activities on behalf of the system manager. If your organization is currently responsible for providing services through the MHC, you can contact your contract manager for more information on how you are likely to be affected. All current service agreements will continue subject to normal MHC processes. We are working to make things clearer for our stakeholders by defining when different types of services will be obtained. The MHC initiated the process to amend existing contracts, harmonize areas of the service agreement and extend existing service agreements to the schedule. The timetable was implemented from 28 February 2018. The VA health care system operates under an Outcome Based Management (OBM) framework under Section 61 of the Financial Management Act 2006 and Treasurer`s Instruction 904, in accordance with its statutory obligation as the VA`s public authority.

The orientation of services to the types of programs and when they are audited, purchased and contracted – will make things easier for everyone. The service agreements specify and detail the scope of services and targeted areas of activity that the system manager will purchase from health care providers in a fiscal year, in accordance with the government`s policy objectives and budget allocations. Service contracts are executed in accordance with Part 5 of the Health Services Act 2016 (Act). The latest list of the latest public sector awards and agreements in Western Australia can be find on the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission website.

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