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As the volume and complexity of ACH`s origination services increase, it is more important than ever for financial institutions to have a strong legal agreement to protect themselves. This original agreement, in accordance with the post-A, shows the necessary critical conditions between financial institutions and their initiators of the ACH. In addition, the agreement contains SEC code rules (standard class), samples of economically appropriate security procedures, form templates for direct payments and direct payments, and a Vacation Calendar from the Federal Reserve Bank. The original ACH agreement is provided in a Microsoft Word electronic document for easy adaptation. Updated to include Same Day ACH Language! -Macha/PAR, Macha/PAR strongly recommends that your legal advisor review the agreement before being executed. This model can be adapted by each ODFI to address the specific types of ACH transactions that have been approved for each initiator. The model contains the required risk requirements, ucC 4A, data security and additional inclusions, as described in the ACH rules. The model also contains sample exposure models (z.B. Initiator Authorization Form, security procedure model, processing schedule and pricing model that can be customized for your financial institution. No form of this agreement should be used without the advice of your lawyer. This sample document is intended only for the buyer and should not be disclosed to others outside of your organization. Execution of the order: This item is delivered by email appendix, usually within 2-3 hours of receiving orders (during normal business hours).

Please note that the original ACH agreement is available free of charge to Macha/PAR members as one of our many membership benefits. Non-members: For more information on membership, please click here or contact us at l`info@macha.org. Subject: ODFI / Originator Sample Type of ACH Contract: Audit Members: To get your free copy, visit the Members only tab (you need to be logged in and select forms/agreements.

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