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Learn about tariff results and rules of origin for Australia`s free trade agreements through the FTA online portal. ESTV has opened markets for services such as life insurance and express deliveries, improved intellectual property protection and helped facilitate U.S. investment through predictable access and a stable business environment. For the first time, U.S. companies in many sectors are not allowed to compete with Australian government purchases. U.S. agricultural exports receive duty-free treatment, including processed food products, fruits and vegetables, corn and soybeans. The free trade agreement has also made progress in the area of e-commerce and access to the drug market. Austrade can help Australian companies become familiar with local market conditions and help develop export opportunities through a number of market and Australian services. Australia presented trade initiatives or trade agreements with countries or groups of countries in the table below. The agreement also improves Australia`s services, trade and investment prospects, improves the regulatory and investment environment between the two countries and promotes increasing business mobility. Free trade agreements (FAs) offer a competitive advantage to Australian businesses.

By removing and removing certain barriers to international trade and investment, free trade agreements benefit Australian exporters, importers, producers and investors. Free trade agreements are international agreements that remove or reduce certain barriers to trade and investment between two or more countries. Australia currently has 11 free trade agreements with 18 countries and is seeking to negotiate and implement additional agreements. Each agreement contains information and links to legislation, guidelines and opinions on rules of origin and access to preferential rates. Do you need help accessing Free Trade Advantage? Check out the User Manual (PDF 532KB) or e-Mail-fta@austrade.gov.au Join the many Australian companies already benefiting from the Australian Free Trade Agreement. The United States is the economic force of the world, with the largest and richest consumer market. Please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website for full information on AUSFTA. The Free Trade Advantage online platform brings together a series of practical tips and resources to provide Australian businesses with access to the benefits of Australian free trade agreements.

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