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The compliment (or vanity) closes the purchase to the person and appeals to his sense of identity by paying a compliment. helps you connect the purchase with the person and use their sense of identity. They establish a positive link between the purchase decision and the buyer`s judgment. If you use this approach to close, you confirm your role as a specialist expert. They pay them a compliment. During the sale, negotiations and closures go hand in hand. Just as closure is not a one-time event, negotiation is a process that has both short- and long-term consequences. Negotiating to Win-Win, » Selling Power Sales Management eNewsletter, January 6, 2003, www.sellingpower.com/content/newsletter/issue.php?pc=248 (called March 16, 2010). The best negotiations are collaborative in nature and focus on mutual satisfaction. Leigh Steinberg, a lawyer and sports agent, says: « The goal is not to destroy the other side. The goal is to find the most cost-effective way to reach an agreement that works for both parties. Alan M.

Webber, « How to Get Them to Show You the Money, » Fast Company, October 31, 1998, www.fastcompany.com/magazine/19/showmoney.html (available November 19, 2009). Effective negotiations are based on respect and are full of open communication. The collaboration depends on the following three elements: Herb Cohen, You Can Negotiate Anything (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1980), 163. Closing is not just a physical game, loaded with paper, that shakes hands. It`s also a mental game. And as in any professional or amateur sport, vendors can straighten out their end-of-race match through training and training. Here are three keys to building relationships and relationships that lead to closure. A test conclusion is a test to see how close the perspective of the purchase is. You can try it at any time before the end – and you could lead to a real conclusion sooner (or realize that a sale is not to follow). If there`s a positive answer to the test questions, vendors want to follow a final test question like, « What it takes to win a championship is that your preparation fills the chances, whether it`s on the circuit or behind the scenes, » said NASCAR driver Kurt Busch. Joe Guertin, « When did `Closing` become a bad word? » Sales agency, March 2006, www.allbusiness.com/sales/1064380-1.html (called March 16, 2010).

That`s true for sports and sales.

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